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Call for stories and recipes


Do you have a favorite recipe handed down through generations? One with a story behind it?
We’re seeking recipes and the stories behind them for a new Snake River Plain series anthology. The stories may be fiction, non-fiction, poetry or essays related to the recipe. The anthology is planned to be released in time for Mother’s Day 2015. Contributing authors will receive one free book and the opportunity to offer ebook specials to their family and friends from time to time. Submission deadline is February 28, 2015.

This will be a collection of great Idaho recipes and stories. This is your opportunity to share your family’s favorite recipe with others as well as see some of your work in print.

Submission Guidelines:

 1) The following word limits will be considered: For fiction, nonfiction, essays and poetry – a story up to 500 words. Recipes are not included in the word count.

 2) You may submit more than one recipe. There is no entry fee. You retain all rights and may republish your story and recipe after the book has been released.

 3) Preference will be given to Idaho writers and/or recipes relating to Idaho.

 4) Use standard manuscript format—double-spaced, 12pt serif font Times, Times New Roman, or Courier New with one-inch margins. Poetry may be single-spaced. Please incorporate your submission into the body of an email or attach entry as a PDF file. No other attachments will be opened.

 5) Include your name, address, email address, phone number and word count with your submission.

 6) Submission deadline is February 28, 2015. We plan to release the anthology in the spring of 2015. Please send submissions to riverstpress@outlook.com. Please put the words “recipe anthology submission” in the subject line. We will accept email entries only. You can submit your entry here.

 7) If your story is accepted, you will receive one printed copy of the book and special ebook offers for your family and friends.

For inspiration check out Dixie Reale’s story and recipe Celebrate harvest bounty with fresh fruit printed in the Ag Weekly on August 29, 2009.

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Talking with Connie and putting memories down on paper

Concepcion Santos

Recently, I returned home from visiting my mom, Concepcion Santos or Connie to her family and friends. At age 86, she is fragile yes, and a little forgetful, but still funny and full of memories.
Sitting in her room or taking a drive, we talked about those memories.
She talked about how she and my late father eloped to Raton, New Mexico. They met at a dance, where he played guitar.
About her days as a cook at the Colorado State Hospital. She didn’t drive so we took turns picking her up from work. I remember my father turning off the engine and we’d hear to the screams from the inmates.
She talked about how her grandmother, who had lighter skin, used to powder her up so she would not appear too dark.
When we passed by an old railroad station, she recalled working at a nearby laundry as a young woman during World War II. She and other female workers would run to the station and wave at the soldiers passing on the trains.
My mom, who admits she is very nosy, told the story of hiding behind the hedges in our front yard to check on a wild party going on across the street. The next day a neighbor and she chatted about the party. The neighbor said it was wild because someone was crawling around in our front yard.
She talked a lot about my father and with such joy that I half expected him to walk in the door carrying his big smile and lunchpail.
With pride, she talked about how my grandfather used to write plays, although he had to make his living working in a steel mill.
In stories and books, I have written several memories told to me by my mom and dad. I only wished I could have written more before my dad died. The stories become the makeup of my characters, and give me inspiration for other stories.
As writers, we probably seek writing ideas all around us. But I suggest you also look back home to the people who have lived a full life.
They have beautiful, sad, poignant and joyous stories to tell. We just have to listen.

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Journey Stories Writers’ Workshop

On September 18, 2010, the Jerome Civic Club is sponsoring a writers’ workshop at the Jerome Public Library. Bonnie Dodge will lead the workshop, which will focus on nonfiction immigration and migration stories to/within America. The workshop is in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution’s exhibit “Journey Stories.”

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