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Family Recipes from the Snake River Plain

A grandmother’s special treat. Gingersnaps made for weary travelers by a generous pioneer woman. A cake from home that comforted a soldier during World War II.
These are only some of the recipes found in FAMILY RECIPES FROM THE SNAKE RIVER PLAIN, which brings together favored dishes from people who call Idaho home.
There’s even an ode to fry sauce.
What makes this collection so unique is the stories about the recipes. How potato pancakes got people through tough times. Two sisters’ Milk Toast. A grandmother’s special yellow bowl. The Great Zucchini Wars. How onions saved a family in times of hardship.
Heartwarming and entertaining, these family recipes and the stories behind them show what makes the Snake River Plain so special.
The book features the work of 27 regional writers.

On sale now at Amazon.com for $9.99.


A lost cave, a possessed canyon, and a visit from mysterious strangers are only some of the stories you will find in this anthology by Idaho writers. Lock the doors, turn on all the lights, and enjoy these haunted tales.


Ten-year-old Billie Neville wants to be a daredevil, just like her hero Evel Knievel. She also wants a best friend. Riding “the best bike in the whole world” Billie’s desperate to enter a bike jumping contest with three boys named The Meanies and show them her cool bike skills. When Evel comes to town to jump the Snake River Canyon, Billie learns she has to be a friend to make friends and that not all heroes have to soar over canyons.


Imaginary friends, an old Mexican ghost story, haunting landscapes and a road trip with Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey. These are some of the tales you will encounter in this collection of short stories, poems and essays written by two award-winning authors. Some are funny, others are sad. But every story comes from the heart of the Snake River Plain. “This book is a small treasure…in Voices from the Snake River Plain we learn there is beauty in the landscape around us and people with stories to tell. And much to learn from both.” Diane Josephy Peavey, author of Bitterbrush Country: Living on the Edge of the Land




A collection of essays, reflections on life in Twin Falls during its first 100 years– written by history buff and award winning writer Bonnie Dodge — shows a personal relationship between the author and the events of the past. Although Dodge was born in North Dakota she grew up in and calls Twin Falls, Idaho home. “Miracles in the Desert” contains 88 pages.

“Bonnie Dodge has written essays that not only provide the colorful history of the area, but convey the emotions, dreams and hopes of the people. Through her eyes and in her words we get an unique view of the past 100 years of Twin Falls. Her reflections on the past are a wonderful insight into the present and future.”
Pat Marcantonio
Twin Falls, Idaho

Price: $11.00 plus $4 shipping and handling. Contact Bonnie at riverstpress@outlook.com to order.



ON HOLY GROUND by Patricia Santos Marcantonio

Catholics have always enjoyed beautiful churches and St. Edward’s is no exception. It has been called the most beautiful church in Idaho. Award winning author Marcantonio celebrates its beauty, history, art and faith through the words of the parishioners, priests and visitors to the church. She details the stained glass windows, angels, bells, pillars, cornices. ceilings and all the other architectural details that went into creating the beauty of the structure which helps sustain the faith of the people who call St. Edward’s home.

Twin Falls came into being with the coming of irrigation water in 1904. Early Catholics met in various places around town. The Twin Falls Canal Company donated land at the corner of Second Avenue and Fifth Street and ground was broken on the church building in 1920. The St. Edward Catholic Church building was completed and consecrated in 1921. Marcantonio interweaves the history of St. Edward’s building and congregation with the history of the city from the beginning to the present.

The book contains 112 pages. Photos by Bonnie Dodge.

Price: $11.00 plus $4 shipping and handling. Contact Patrici riverstpress@outlook.com to order.

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