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Kaitlyn Armstrong – Winner of What is a Hero Contest



We are proud to announce the winner of our What is a Hero Contest.

Kaitlyn Armstrong is a sixth-grader at O’Leary Middle School.  We met Kaitlyn in May at the annual Career on Wheels held at the Eldon Evans Expo Center in Twin Falls where she picked up an entry to our contest. An aspiring writer, Kaitlyn won $50 for her following essay, which she read for an audience Sunday, September 7, at the Twin Falls Barnes & Noble.

Congratulations, Kaitlyn!


What is a hero?

           What do we think of when we hear the word “hero?” Being able to fly? Having super powers? Wearing a fancy cape? Is a hero someone who beats the bad guy or rescues a damsel in distress? When they slay the dragon or ward off the bad guys is the title automatic?

To me, a hero is someone who nurtures and cares about who they’re being a hero to. The teddy bear of a young child can be the champion as it wards off the dark and the nightmares in an unfamiliar place. Children witness these acts of heroism, great and small, every day. When children fall victim to the relentless teasing of bullies, the child who stops it is seen as a hero in the victims’ eyes.

And it isn’t just with children either. The smallest act of heroism from an adult can be cherished by the recipient. I found that the counselor at my previous school was seen as a hero in most people’s eyes. Easy to talk to and quick to understand the problems she was confronted with, she was the go-to person for problems about friendship and family. For some children it is hard to talk about personal problems with their parents, so being able to discuss things really took a burden off their shoulders.

In some cases, being called a hero follows immediately after a courageous act, but in others, it takes time and effort. I believe that in order to become a hero, you must work for that title. Otherwise, the hero must accomplish a deed of great kindness. Afterwards, the hero must live up to the expectations of the recipient and respect, even accept, the title they have been given.

Now as I said before, a hero to me is someone who nurtures and cares for the people around them. I think the title “hero” should be earned through acts of kindness and compassion. These are the qualities in a role model I look for, which is exactly what a hero is, a role model, and that is what a hero will always be to me.


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We Have A Winner!

We are so excited. We have a winner to our “What is a Hero?” contest. We are bursting to tell, but we won’t announce the name until Sunday, Sept. 7 at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 239 Pole Line Road E. in Twin Falls. We have an exciting afternoon planned starting at 1 p.m. Come out and help us celebrate.

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Sixth-graders invited to enter ‘What is a hero?’ essay contest

Students entering the sixth grade are invited to write an essay entitled, “What is a Hero?”

There is no entry fee and the winner will receive $50. The contest is sponsored by River St. Press in conjunction with the release of its new children’s book, “Billie Neville Takes a Leap” by Bonnie Dodge and Patricia Santos Marcantonio. The book, which will be released in May, is about friendship and heroes.

Ten-year-old Billie wants to be a daredevil, just like her hero Evel Knievel. She also wants a best friend. Riding “the best bike in the whole world,” Billie’s desperate to enter a bike jumping contest with three boys named The Meanies and show them her cool skills. In the meantime, she also enters an essay contest in hopes of meeting Knievel. When the famous daredevil comes to Twin Falls to jump the Snake River Canyon, Billie learns she has to be a friend to make friends and that not all heroes have to soar over canyons.

The River St. Press contest is open to any student who will be in the sixth grade by September 2014. Essays must be typed or printed, and no longer than 400 words. They must include the entrant’s name and telephone number, and the name of the school the writer attends. The entry deadline is Aug. 15. Entrants can email their essays to or mail them to River St. Press, P.O. Box 5073, Twin Falls, ID 83303.

The winner will be announced at a book party in Twin Falls. The winning essay will be printed on the River St. Press website,




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