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Book Signing at Twin Falls Center for the Arts


Thank you Magic Valley. We had a great time at the Book and Arts Fair this weekend!

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Dedication is among writer’s tools

Make a list of all the tools you need to be a writer.
Let’s see, computer, paper, ideas, dictionary, and yes, dedication.
Those who challenged themselves in National Novel Writing Month in November, that is writing a 50,000 word novel in a month, have learned that. You must write everyday to make the goal. You must be dedicated.
But dedication is something you need year round as a writer, not just in November.
You must be dedicated to finish your projects. Sure, you may have a few projects going, but be dedicated to completing one. Your novel, essay, poem or memoir–whatever you are writing–demands your dedication.
Be dedicated to writing something most every day, even if you go back and erase it the next day.
Be dedicated to becoming a better writer either by taking a class, going to a conference or getting involved with a critque group.
It is tough in certain ways but a love of what you are doing makes dedication just another writer’s tool, just like your computer, paper and dictionary.

Patricia Santos Marcantonio

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Limited Edition Just in time for Christmas


What child wouldn’t want to read about being a daredevil and accomplishing their dreams? This limited edition package includes an 8 inch Billie Doll, a Follow Your Dream Bookmark, and the 219 page book, Billie Neville Takes a Leap, ISBN 978-0-69220-884-7. This would make a perfect gift for the young reader in your home. Cost is $30, which includes sales tax and shipping & handling. Quantities are limited so don’t delay. You can order here.

Ten-year-old Billie wants to be a daredevil, just like her hero Evel Knievel. She also wants a best friend. Riding “the best bike in the whole world,” Billie’s desperate to enter a bike jumping contest with three boys named The Meanies and show them her cool skills. When Evel comes to town to jump the Snake River Canyon, Billie learns she has to be a friend to make friends and that not all heroes have to soar over canyons.

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Call for stories and recipes


Do you have a favorite recipe handed down through generations? One with a story behind it?
We’re seeking recipes and the stories behind them for a new Snake River Plain series anthology. The stories may be fiction, non-fiction, poetry or essays related to the recipe. The anthology is planned to be released in time for Mother’s Day 2015. Contributing authors will receive one free book and the opportunity to offer ebook specials to their family and friends from time to time. Submission deadline is February 28, 2015.

This will be a collection of great Idaho recipes and stories. This is your opportunity to share your family’s favorite recipe with others as well as see some of your work in print.

Submission Guidelines:

 1) The following word limits will be considered: For fiction, nonfiction, essays and poetry – a story up to 500 words. Recipes are not included in the word count.

 2) You may submit more than one recipe. There is no entry fee. You retain all rights and may republish your story and recipe after the book has been released.

 3) Preference will be given to Idaho writers and/or recipes relating to Idaho.

 4) Use standard manuscript format—double-spaced, 12pt serif font Times, Times New Roman, or Courier New with one-inch margins. Poetry may be single-spaced. Please incorporate your submission into the body of an email or attach entry as a PDF file. No other attachments will be opened.

 5) Include your name, address, email address, phone number and word count with your submission.

 6) Submission deadline is February 28, 2015. We plan to release the anthology in the spring of 2015. Please send submissions to Please put the words “recipe anthology submission” in the subject line. We will accept email entries only. You can submit your entry here.

 7) If your story is accepted, you will receive one printed copy of the book and special ebook offers for your family and friends.

For inspiration check out Dixie Reale’s story and recipe Celebrate harvest bounty with fresh fruit printed in the Ag Weekly on August 29, 2009.

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Dodge, Marcantonio win Idaho Author Awards


Bonnie Dodge and Patricia Santos Marcantonio have been honored as Idaho Author Award winners presented by the Idaho Book Extravaganza.
Dodge’s book, “Waiting” was named one of the Top Ten Fiction books. The novel is about three generations of Idaho women.
“Billie Neville Takes a Leap,” co-written by Dodge and Marcantonio and published by River St. Press, earned second place in the young adult category. The book is about a girl who dreams of being a daredevil amidst the excitement of Evel Knievel’s jump over the Snake River.

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Thank You, Magic Valley!

What a great day signing books at Barnes & Noble. Thank you Magic Valley, we enjoyed talking books and writing with you today. ❤


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National Novel Writing Month is Here

Tomorrow marks the beginning of NaNoWriMo. If you’ve been thinking about participating but you’re procrastinating, let me offer some advice based on my own experience.

First, if you’re unfamiliar with “Nano,” National Novel Writing Month is a fun, fast approach to novel writing. The goal is to finish 50,000 words in one month. That means beginning November 1 and ending midnight, November 30, you have 30 days to write 50,000 words. Whoa, that’s ambitious, and yes, it is doable. You can learn all about Nano here.

November is typically a busy month for me, but then, what month isn’t busy? With holidays and preparing for Christmas, who wants to add one more thing to the calendar? It’s daunting to commitment to writing 1666 words a day. But that’s how books get written, one word at a time.

I’ve participated in Nano several times, and here’s what I’ve learned. Nano taught me how to increase my word count on a consistent basis. Compare it to exercise. You have an hour to walk four miles. You have an hour to write one thousand words. Get ready, get set. Go. There is no time to stop and research. There is no time to look up misspelled words. There is no time to stare into the refrigerator or talk on the phone. There is only time to write.

I’m a little bit OCD and the perfectionist in me wants everything perfect before I write the next page of my story. Nano taught me to keep going, to type XXXX if I am stumped or lost. Nano taught me to ignore the misspelled words or the out of sequence scenes and to just keep writing. It becomes a form of free-writing that results in words to edit instead of a blank piece of paper staring back at me at the end of the day.

Nano taught me to kill Ms. Snarky Editor and banish Ms. Holy Perfectionist. They aren’t allowed into the room until December. By silencing them, I was able to complete my novel in thirty days. Yes, the manuscript was rough. Yes, there were plenty of misspelled words and lots of XXXs that needed to be addressed. But instead of having one chapter or half of a manuscript, I had a complete book ready for revision and edits. That book became Waiting, published by Booktrope this fall.

If you’re still procrastinating, or on the fence, why not give Nano a try? You might surprise yourself. You might actually write a book.

-Bonnie Dodge

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How writers shouldn’t get in the way of their stories

The following link is to a great column by W.B. Sullivan on how to build stronger stories.

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We Have a Winner

We had so much fun at the 1000 Springs Art Festival. Dena Gubler of Jerome won this amazing basket of books just by stopping by and entering our free raffle. A great big thanks to everyone who attended the festival.




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Thank you, Morningside Elementary!


Today we stopped by Morningside Elementary in Twin Falls and presented the Principal, Steven Hoy, a copy of our book, Billie Neville Takes a Leap. Billie attended Morningside in 1974, the year Evel Knievel attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon. Thank you, Morningside Elementary for letting us wander your halls. You have a great school.

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