Be thankful for privilege of writing

I had a recent book signing at Barnes & Noble and got there a little early to buy a book for my sister’s birthday. Walking around and checking out all the books, it was overwhelming. The number of books, the number of writers. All stories to tell, some good, others not.

I remembered that as a fledging writer without a published book, the book store gave me hope that I too would have my book on the shelves someday. When my first book was published, I was so excited to have finally made my goal. My book was there.

As I wandered around the book store, which I love to do, I began to feel so privileged that I was doing what I loved to do, and that is, write and to tell stories. I have been honored that traditional publishers have wanted my books and that I earn royalties from their sale.

Along with a writing friend, I have also self-published several books that have not only paid for themselves, but made us a little money.

Not many people love what they do. Even if you hold a day job and write at night, which I did for years, you are still privileged to have found your passion.

Enjoy it and be thankful.

Patricia Santos Marcantonio

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