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Keep on your writing toes

There are jobs where people do the same task everyday. Writers are fortunate because everyday is different. You’re not writing the same thing everyday. Even when you are rewriting for the umpteenth draft, the words, punctuation, ideas and voice will change each time. As writers, we may start a novel, poem, screenplay, article or play one day; polish a short story the next; and through the week, develop characters, refine plots, outline, add subtext, kill adjectives. Lots to do.

However, writers still can fall into a rut and become stale. This occurs when we are no longer excited about what we are writing. When we feel like we are writing the same thing over and over despite the fact we are not. When we take the process for granted. I have gotten that feeling and when I do, I work at stretching my skills. Try stretching yours.

Read, read and read good writing. Analyze what makes it good and get excited about the power of good writing to move you, to create images and wonderful characters, and make you want to finish each page.

Write something you don’t usually write. Sure it may suck but it may not. If you don’t write poetry try a poem to get the feel of efficiency of words and wonder of images. For poets, try prose.

Writing prompts are great and fun, kind of like warm ups before exercising.

Talk writing with other writers or readers. Listen to what keeps them out of the writing basement.

Find your own ways to keep on your toes. If you are feeling bored and stale, guess what? Your writing will reflect just that.







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