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Book Signing at Twin Falls Center for the Arts


Thank you Magic Valley. We had a great time at the Book and Arts Fair this weekend!


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Dedication is among writer’s tools

Make a list of all the tools you need to be a writer.
Let’s see, computer, paper, ideas, dictionary, and yes, dedication.
Those who challenged themselves in National Novel Writing Month in November, that is writing a 50,000 word novel in a month, have learned that. You must write everyday to make the goal. You must be dedicated.
But dedication is something you need year round as a writer, not just in November.
You must be dedicated to finish your projects. Sure, you may have a few projects going, but be dedicated to completing one. Your novel, essay, poem or memoir–whatever you are writing–demands your dedication.
Be dedicated to writing something most every day, even if you go back and erase it the next day.
Be dedicated to becoming a better writer either by taking a class, going to a conference or getting involved with a critque group.
It is tough in certain ways but a love of what you are doing makes dedication just another writer’s tool, just like your computer, paper and dictionary.

Patricia Santos Marcantonio

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