Join Facebook launch of ‘BILLIE NEVILLE TAKES A LEAP’

Award-winning writers Bonnie Dodge and Patricia Santos Marcantonio will discuss their new book, “Billie Neville Takes a Leap” and answer your questions.

There will also be giveaways to those who join them from 7 to 10 p.m. MST Monday, May 19.

Ten-year-old Billie Neville wants to be a daredevil, just like her hero Evel Knievel. She also wants a best friend. Riding “the best bike in the whole world” Billie’s desperate to enter a bike jumping contest with three boys named The Meanies and show them her cool bike skills. When Evel comes to town to jump the Snake River Canyon, Billie learns she has to be a friend to make friends and that not all heroes have to soar over canyons.!/events/665182026885459/

Join in the fun.

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