Quitting the Day Job

On Oct. 1, 2010, I quit my day job to focus on full-time writing.
Was I excited? You bet.
Was I ready to get to work? Oh yeah.
Was I terrified? Certainly.
Let me tell you how it came about.
One day I decided that I was not going to wait until I was sixty something to focus on writing. I paid off all my credit cards, let go my housekeeper, saved up dough and quit work.
My family and friends were so supportive, particularly my husband Jerry, who is still at his day job. It did take some good talking on my part. I told him that instead of being holed up in my office writing in the evenings, that I would write during the day, so we could spend more time together. We would save money on me not driving or buying work clothes or lunch, or going out to dinner because I was too damn tired to cook.
I got us used to living on his salary.
There will be sacrifices, like not going out to buy exactly what I want. But I pray the old saying — The more you make, the more you spend — will hold true.
While it will take time to get used to my new work schedule, I can hardly wait to start. (On the advice of my daughter, I took a day or two off to decompress and it was a great suggestion.)
When I am ready to start my newly revised career, I have four writing projects ready to work on. I also will save time during the week to market my writing. Hopefully, those projects will pay off with money, as well as personal reward.
I am so fortunate that I was able to quit the day job, to tell the stories that are bursting inside me. To try and fail, to do and succeed.
Now the real work starts, but it is what I love to do. And what more could any writer, in fact, any person ask for?

Patricia Marcantonio


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2 responses to “Quitting the Day Job

  1. Minta

    I need the courage to do the same thing. I seem to have this cripling self defeatist demon inside me. I started this story, a good story, my husband and son want to knwo how it ends, what the protagonsit to win but I just stopped. I decided to go back to school to get my teaching certificate and I have not even touched my story in months. I want to quit school ( I have a BA degree in psychology already) but feel like I need to follow through with my teaching certificate. I want to finsih my story too but seem to only write at night then I get too tired. I love your courage and I need to maybe just write and not look back.

    • patscuentos

      that little demon inside all of us is tough to defeat.
      You have to ask yourself, If I don’t do this now, when will it happen? Just make time to write. Virginia Woolf once said that our reasons not to write are like an angel on our shoulder. Write an obituary about the death of that angel.
      Let me know how you are doing and please forgive the delay in this reply
      Patricia Santos Marcantonio

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