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A writer’s platform is anything that helps you promote yourself, or your writing. A solid writer’s platform lets editors, agents and publishers know that you are a professional writer, worthy of their time and attention. In today’s competitive writer’s market, a good writer’s platform may be just the thing that gets your next book sold.

A good writing platform will consist of:

1) a website/s
2) a blog
3) newsletters
4) workshops
5) social clubs
6) writing groups
7) TV spots and radio interviews
8) a brand. A brand sets you a part from other writers. Think Nora Roberts or John Grisham. A brand for paranormals might be “Stories with Spirit.”
9) having a presence on social networks like Facebook and MySpace, posting videos on YouTube or podcasts to your own website.
10) business cards, bookmarks, other promotional items
11) writing conferences (attending and presenting)
12) networking

Anything you can do to raise public awareness about you and your writing helps build your writer’s platform. Blog or write for established websites. Give talks in schools, churches, libraries, local groups, and conferences. Teach classes or offer workshops. Participate in online communities and forums like we do here at The Other Bunch website. Team up with other writers and co-author books and articles. At the very least, build a website, update it regularly, and include your website URL on every e-mail message you send out. Learn to promote yourself and you will be one step closer to realizing your writing dreams, and getting your next book sold.
Bonnie Dodge


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Bonnie Dodge wins writing awards at IWL state conference

Bonnie Dodge placed first in the 2008 Writing assigned theme or title for teen fiction contest with her short story, Missing Josh. She also won first honorable mention in the 2008 novel contest with her novel, Sarah’s Daughter. Congratulations, Bonnie!

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