In Remembrance Bill Studebaker

Remembering Bill Studebaker
Several years ago, I took a writing course from Bill. He was intelligent, tough and made me try harder. I always remember him saying to try to do something toward your writing each day, even if it was something small and I’ve always tried to keep to that to varying degrees of success.
In that class he also encouraged students to form critique groups to review each other’s writing, and from there I met Bonnie Dodge, who was to become my very good friend and critique partner. For that I am truly grateful, that is that we connected because of Bill.
As a human being, we may all hope to have a place in the hearts of the people we loved when we pass on. As a writer, we may hope that our words will live on. For Bill, I believe that he accomplished both.
Patricia Marcantonio

In that class, Bill said he did something that pertained to writing everyday, even if it was just lick a stamp. I keep that in mind and try to do something related to writing everyday, even if it is to just read a book.
Bonnie Dodge

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