How do I get published?

That is a question someone asked recently,and it is a very good question and one that most every writer will ask themselves at one time or another.
Lots of books, articles and Web sites have been devoted to answering that question and that is a good place to start to find some answers.
So, how do you get published?
Here are my suggestions based upon my own experiences.
Write the best manuscript you can and believe in it.
Tell a unique story with a unique voice.
Grow skin as thick as cement for rejections.
Never stop learning how to improve your writing.
Be tenacious, but not obnoxious.
Learn about the publishing business.
Even with that, it’s also a matter of luck and opportunity, market and more.
But to me, the first question writers should ask themselves is WHY do I want to get published?
Do you want to be the next John Grisham or Danielle Steele?
Do you want to make lots of money?
Or do you simply want to be a storyteller and share your stories with others?
For me, it is the latter. First and foremost, I want to share what I have written, to communicate with others so they can feel what I felt when I wrote those words, to give them a look through the eyes of someone else, to move readers, to entertain them.
Yeah, it would be way cool to sell as many books as John or Danielle, but when I sit down to write, I’m not thinking about getting published or how much I would earn from my books if they are published. I’m thinking how I can tell the best story I can.
Personally, if I try to guess what publishers will buy, I will make myself loco.
Telling stories as best as I can is my best reward.
Of course, I still dream of that big publishing house paying me a big advance for my manuscript, then selling lots and lots of books.
But if I can’t get published by the big houses or smaller university presses, and I really want to see my words in print, I will find a way, either through self publishing, or even putting my words on the Internet as I do now.
How do I get published? Good question, but search your writer’s heart for the answer to the other question. Why do I want get published?

Patricia Marcantonio

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